Garbage Bag (Save Ends)

8 February, 2010

Edit: A few days after.

First post is done at 7 in the morning. I am Lancar. LANCARIUS! I talk to myself all the time. But damn, sometimes it just looks prettier in little, collected blocks of text. The following are some notes that I may or may not… what’s the word… make… longer and complete-ive explanations for.

The following are some DM tidbits of knowledge that I picked up.

  • That creative guy that tries to be a bad-ass in combat does really freaking well against trap rooms. Then he tried showing off and walking upside down and smashed his face against the invisible floor.
  • The Garbage Bag (Save Ends) trap was fated to hit the guy whose PC originally devised it. Why is this so? Because he is garbage.
  • Helpless being -5 to defenses is hilarious when used in conjunction with the solo monster at the end of the final chapter. Not that it would have helped the Halfling’s Natural 1 on the coup de grace.
  • If Undead creatures are rising out of the water, the water is not a safe place to be.
  • Oh, what a delicious party rage there was… when they realized that the final room of the lich’s sanctuary looked so complex, not because the platforms were coming apart, or traps were going to be shot up from the ground… but because they formed separate distinct letters, spelling out the lich’s name. Oh, the rage. Huhuhu.

Is it so rare, the moments that the players show their “appreciation” of the DM? When they rage at the story-line, I revel. When they exhibit fear, I grin like a madman. When they critically hit, I yell, “No! I cannot be defeated!” And when that crit takes out my Heavy, I say with a shit-eating grin, “that guy was gonna waste your barbarian. Genloneras should suck your $#!^.”

When they overcome the Final Boss-Fight of the arc without any PCs dying… It’s okay. Not my job to kill them. It’s my job to challenge them. It’s my job to evoke emotions, fear, regret, pain, joy, with the story we all work on together.

I’ll kill you next time, barbarian. I have the whole of Paragon Tier to do it.



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  1. Lancar said

    Testing. And posting on my own blag.

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