Dragonmarked Minotaur

9 February, 2010

So the Minotaur wants a Dragonmark. Cool.

The Mark of Passage allows him to shift or teleport an extra square with powers that allow you that. As a Berserker, the Minotaur has plenty of powers that take advantage of this feat.

Orien heirs with this feat have access to magical abilities related to travel. So a typical Marked Orien heir would be hopping around the battlefield, magically enchanted by some sort of haste spell, sometimes teleporting. Puffs of smoke! Rose in the cocky prick’s mouth! A fancy magician’s cape.


In Eberron, Dragonmarks are awesome arcane birthmarks afforded to you by the blood in your veins and a brutal “Test of Siberys” that involves placing a possible heir in a deadly situation, unless their body recognizes the need to manifest a Dragonmark in order to continue living.

The Mark of Passage belongs to the bloodline of the human Dragonmarked House Orien.

Further, Minotaurs have no Dragonmarked House.

Dragonmarks can go awry, though, and become Aberrant. They’re differently colored from the typical blue-magical-green, and have different and varying shapes. They tend to appear on people that wouldn’t normally manifest Dragonmarks. If they appear on a house heir, everyone goes nutso, that dood gets kicked out of the house, and all witnesses are beaten over the head with ugly sticks.


There was a war. It was a long time ago (this is a ridculously common theme in Eberron). The aberrant Dragonmarks got together, formed an organization called the X-Men, and fought for equal rights.

Well, I’m exaggerating slightly. The Organization Name was called House Tarkanan (the current Tarkanan has the same idea, but is quite fallen). It was created as somewhat of a mockery of the established houses. Further, they ended up destroying a lot of stuff. With aberrant mutant powers. Wolverine d’Tarkanan. Spiderman d’Tarkanan. Cool stuff, I swear.

Oh, wait, you can’t be serious…

He must have an Aberrant Dragonmark!


So I was brainstorming with the Minotaur. Hey, what’s fast that you don’t want shifting 2 squares next to you? How about a RHINOCEROUS?

He’ll take the Mark of Passage Feat. But instead of a calm, friendly blue tattoo on his arm, he’ll have an awesome white Aberrant Dragonmark scrawled across his face in the vague shape of a rhinocerous having sex with your mom. Instead of going to a private school and getting airhead half-elven girls trying to get you to buy them things, Genloneras the Minotaur will be hunted down by Deneith 50 foot tall Sentinels with nothing but a 8-inch John J. Rambo combat knife (that he has to carry in his teeth), 2 sunrods, and a half-roll of duct tape. Instead of learning under a House Patriarch who’s actually just a really fat guy who’s good at numbers, Genloneras the Minotaur will be fighting Magneto d’Tarkanan mano-e-mano on the roof of a castle in the middle of a thunderstorm.

The aberrant magic in him will have taken hold, a third horn growing out of his head, spines growing from his back and shoulders. Blood will run from the newest horn, forcibly jutting from the back of his forearm, accompanied by the numbness of pain. He has to spit out all the blood in his mouth before he can scream his response…


I’ve gotta think of a better new bad guy than Magneto d’Tarkanan. God, that name is stupid.

tl;dr Mark of Passage for a Minotaur becomes awesome roleplaying flaw

Update 2/11: He chose for his primal spirit to be a Triceratops. Nerd.



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