Hating the Bad Guy: Garbage Bag (Save Ends) p2

12 February, 2010

The Garbage Bag (Save Ends) trap was fated to hit the guy whose PC originally devised it. Why is this so? Because he is garbage.

I’m going to expand on an earlier post. The final baddie of the JDFC’s heroic tier mission, a lich, was introduced… *checks logs* Holy crap, 10 real-time weeks before. Interactions with the then-mortal Khoravar (half-elf) was mostly with his servants and the results of his actions.

The entire adventure module was a crash course of annoyances and sub-par results. Here’s a list:

  • Invoker was sick. The melees of the party fought fliers
  • Fall to the lich’s ritual book trap
  • Failed a skill challenge and nearly got the girl the party needed to rescue killed.
  • Failed a second skill challenge to get assistance from a potential ally
  • Failed a third skill challenge to make the lich’s girlfriend realize that he was just using her (what an asshole)
  • Had to tactically withdraw, being chased out by said girlfriend
  • Failed in stealing his notes, to stop his plans. Instead, he was delayed. Notes were eventually stolen back, with the aid of magic

The party was sick of this guy. They wanted nothing more to do with him. Freaking flying creatures? Hot girlfriend that he ignores day and night? Wears pants that are way too tight for him and perfumes!? (They raided his wardrobe)

But whatever! Mission complete, right? They saved the girl. Out of the hell-hole! Never going back! If I go back, I’m gonna kill s…

“Get on your horses, guys. The end of the world was coming unless you stop him. You hired a small army to wipe him out, well guess what… he built a magical sanctuary underneath the island. And it’s filled with traps.”


The party manned up and kicked in the door, the masochistic bastards. They played it smart with perception checks at every 2 squares (exaggerating). But these weren’t traps designed to protect treasure. They weren’t trying to keep people out. The lich’s pet guardian did that for him. These weren’t kill-you traps. They were piss you off traps, the lich was petty like that.

The traps were actually fairly linear. At first the traps were ridiculous, forming words in the air of various insults, dealing 1d6+5 damage a pop. Then, the traps they ran into starting doing effects. Dazed. Brought back two rooms ago. Made you attack your party.

“Why are you MORE tactical when you’re trying to hit your party than when you’re in combat?!” -Paladin Voluntas

Made gravity reverse for several seconds. Magical ice was creeping across the floor that did damage if you started in it and ended your turn in it. Succeed jump checks or start all over again.

“When I find this guy, I’m gonna f*cking beat his ass. I’m not even gonna use my sword!” -Halfing Bardan

Adrenaline. Annoyance? Hatred.

“You open… that door? Are you sure?” *Rolls die* “…You are afflicted by Garbage Bag, save ends, with a -2 penalty to the save. No damage, though. Did you save? Okay. Cool.” -Me

The last battle was on a series of strangely shaped platforms. The shape was vague to begin with… But as the battle went on, I made the flat edges into corners, added more lines. An hour or so in, starting with one player, leading to revelations around the table…

The final room was…


The shifter, I’ve never heard him curse at the gaming table before, momentarily turned into a sailor. Wow.

When they finally took out the lich, the look of satisfaction at the table was undeniable. The Paladin took out the trash bag from earlier and afflicted the lich with it. The halfling beat the crap out of that trash bag until the others pulled him away from it. Undeniable. Satisfaction.

There’s a certain charm in creating bad guys that the players love to hate. I hope I’ll make some good baddies in Paragon Tier.



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