PC Perspective and Angry Warlocks

18 February, 2010

As a DM, my perspective is always always always different from a Player’s. Since I began playing as a PC, about a year ago, with a regular group, things have gotten a little better, but there are still times.

Recently, there was a PvP situation which was more edgy than I’m used to. Here’s the deal: The party was separated in a magical mist, each trying to get through to the end. The Warlock easily bypassed the mists with his Arcana checks, but ran into a very powerful big-bad named Theseus. He proceeded to wreck the Warlock’s face. The rest of the party finish off fighting some of Theseus’ minions and head to the end of the mists.

The Rogue got there first. He watched as Twin-Sword Theseus cut the Warlock’s chest into ribbons. Wisely, he stepped back into the mists. Soon, the rest of the party filed in, as Warlock did some magickery, got back up from dying, and began crawling hurrying back towards the mist, to get away from the carnage. “Hold him down,” Theseus said, mockingly (to who? the PCs still don’t know). After some thought, to everyone’s surprise, Fighter grabbed Warlock. Slash. Cut. Slash. Down went warlock. (I then figured that Fighter assumed Theseus was talking to him)

There was a slight bit of animosity from Warlock (“I’m gonna kill you in your sleep! You’d better have a new character sheet ready!”), but Theseus soon left after that, he’s a dick, that way. For a week, I took it as Fighter just being a dick. I started developing hooks for him either to put more faith in the party or blackguard, and things like that. A few days back, I teased him about it.

“Hey, I didn’t know this guy.” “That’s why you’re a DICK! He’s sitting across from you at the table, man!”

Look at this guy. Total dick.

As I was laughing, he countered, “Come on, let me finish.”


“He drops this guy in front of us, we see he’s got four attacks, and he can do a lot of damage.” “…” “So when he says ‘hold him down’, I figured that I’d do that, instead of compromising the four guys in the mist.”

1 for 4. I can see the logic. And Theseus did leave afterwards, since he didn’t see anyone else he recognized. And thus, Fighter did accomplish his goal mechanically, just as planned. He dodged a confrontation that would have resulted in 3+ rounds of damage from this hard-hitter, in exchange for an angry Warlock. With this decision alone, I can’t say that he isn’t a team player.



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