Combat 1: Tactics 0

22 February, 2010

The following are some notes for the last game I DMed.

  • Writing out-of-character reminder sheets for PCs and NPCs is nice. Wrote a few sentences on each, attached a picture… Might upload an example later.
  • “If a session has only one combat encounter, it’s okay.” I read this on a board once, so I tried it out. Was fine. With a big group, having mostly social encounters and decision-making actually worked out well. Everyone got some character flavor in, more or less. The only problem was…
  • When combat begins after a lull, sometimes tactics are thrown to the wind. The strikers and melee separated from the back line, rushing to the enemy front. The fight was 1 Brute, 4 mobile skirmishers, and 1 artillery. I dropped 4 PCs, the NPC VIP, and later in the combat, a 5th.
  • I guess it didn’t help that the only enemy visible on the map was the brute, 10 squares away.
  • No one ____’s like Gaston.

  • It’s more interesting when the Evil Rogue can play his selfishness and impatience. The leader of the attacking party refused to deal lethal damage, with some corrupt form of honor. So the goodly Wizard PC wanted to knock him out, alive, in return. The Rogue wanted his magical mask and didn’t bother to think much further than that. He spurned the ransom for immediate rewards, made the Wizard put his hand to his face, but was generally pleased. I’ll allow it.
  • The Minotaur ____’s almost as well as Gaston, but not quite.
  • I finally threw in some Elemental Plane stuff for the PC that bought Manual of the Planes. He was so happy. He kept telling us rules that I still don’t remember. But he knew them. So we went by it. Cool.

No one ____’s like Lancar


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