Pencil and Pen Storage

16 April, 2010

I’m the type that kept losing his pencil in school. As soon as I could buy things, instead of asking my parents for them, I bought a thousand pencils, so I would never run out. Ever again.

For some reason, this curse has followed me to my gaming table and affected the players, as well. Sometimes, I fear that there’s only two pencils on the table for seven people, an existence made possible by sharing.

…But… I have ten… thousand… pencils.

*Frothing at mouth*

Anyway, I was asking my players for a pencil-case. I figured one of them had one, back in middle school, or something. The search turned up being unsuccessful. But I found something my grandma had discarded in the garage.

I emptied out a tubular plastic box originally for chocolates and threw wooden pencils, mechanical pencils, pens, whiteboard markers, a whiteboard eraser, a few rubber erasers, and a roll of tape in there. To get a writing utensil required one to jam their hand into the tube and risk being stabbed by several pointy objects. No, I did not think of placing all the pens and pencils writing-side-down.

I was buying something almost entirely not-game-related, when I saw a 5 dollar pencil cup holder at a Staples office supplies store. After about three weeks of getting half a dozen tiny lead pricks whenever I needed a black marker, I really wanted to get something that would be more effective, without the danger involved, that my ancestors surely suffered.

Photo pencil cup holder. Brilliant. Can be used for photos. Or for anything the hell else I want. Behold, the campaign banner used on my Obsidian Portal site.

If I was a really good Dungeon Master, I’d change this photo for every major campaign. It’s the little things that count.



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