10 Things This Campaign has Taught Me

24 July, 2010

So this week, I decided to make a list of things in my current campaign
that had the possibility to blow my mind, but did not, because ultimately things are more interesting when I accept what’s going on and add on to it I am a DM, and all DMs are amazing.

1. I never thought I’d have a PC die an average of once a month.

And I never thought it would be the characters of just. one. player. Damn it. He’s on his 10th character. I had to trash so much  story, due to death, hahaha. But then again, I had the opportunity to  create and recycle much.

2. I never thought the party would look forward to fighting bears.

It was slightly disturbing to see the monk jumping up and down in  his seat, saying “oh boy, oh boy!”

3. The traveling beholder informational NPC was one of the most  interacted
with NPCs in the campaign.

The party traded a can of hobo beans to the beholder in exchange  for some rumors about the area. Switch one of your NPCs with the hobo  beholder today! Add a hobo knapsack floating mysteriously in the air approximate to where its shoulder would be.

4. Didn’t think the guy playing the dwarf didn’t know that tonics were meant to be applied and not consumed.

He drank the magical hair growth formula. The party went through a whole side-skill challenge in order to  save him from choking to death on hair. If I look at it much more  positively than I want to, the dwarf’s actions served as a teambuilding  exercise.

5. Didn’t think that the Sorceror’s tendency to appear and inhibit  females NPCs’ advances towards the Berserker would later on become an  actual power with frequent usage.

A memorable recent experience went something like this…

Scene: The Berserker and an Enemy General are talking, one-to-one  in an alleyway. The Berserker is extremely wounded.

General – “…You say you don’t serve evil. And you fight with  skill and honor. Tell me, why you oppose the Empire.”
Berserker – “I don’t oppose the Empire, I oppose its leader.”
Sorceror (OOC) – “OOH OOH! I want to use my ring of Brotherhood  to teleport in.”
DM – “What? No! This is a character development scene. And  besides, this isn’t a girl that’s hitting on him.”
Sorceror (OOC) – “But.. But.. Ring of Brotherhood!”

*2 minutes of story explanation and the General giving the  Berserker an item*

Berserker – “Nothing good will come from the one that leads your  Empire.”
General – “That’s to be seen… I am done here. I will go back to  the Empire and I will ask the questions that need to be answered.”
General – “…”
General – “And… if you’re not busy, do you want to go out and  get a cheeseburger someti-”

6. I never thought the Invoker would pick up the At-Will: Pimp Hand of Radiance.

It was later supplemented by an empowering reagent: Arcane Baby  Powder
that increased its damage substantially.

7. The cleric has a business degree.

I treat her as trained in any skill check involving business,  merchanting,
or money. Certain mercantile NPCs start off friendly with  her, if they can
tell her background. She can also get hired, pretty much  anywhere. Unlike
real life in the US, there’s no lack of jobs in Eberron.

8. Never would have guessed that a player character (the wizard) would eventually come to be described as an Eberron version of Morgan Freeman.

This comes up more often than I think it reasonably should,  especially
when the party’s introducing themselves to an NPC or NPC  group.

9. Other halfling badasses exist besides Belkar Bitterleaf.

Whenever a situation arose that separated normal halflings from  the most
interesting halfling in the world, the Bard never failed to  disappoint.

10. The party has underestimated all the dragons they have fought so far.

The campaign is called The Dragon’s Hand. They have fought and killed at least 5. In the Berserker’s words,  “I am the Wyrmslayer! Underestimating dragons is what I do!”

Every campaign is different, introducing new standards and deviations with new characters and new situations. If you feel like sharing, I’d like to hear about things you’ve learned.

The more humorous, the better.



2 Responses to “10 Things This Campaign has Taught Me”

  1. Geek Ken said

    Sounds like you’ve got a great group having a grand time.

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