10 Benefits of my Paragon Tier PCs

9 November, 2010

PCs like stuff. During levels 1-10, good times are had when level 1-10 items are found and level 1-10 NPCs are befriended. Example: when the party has slain the level 2 wyrmling dragon, amongst its collected treasure is a Fire Ring. Now you can make fire for free. You have saved the cobbler’s daughter (also amongst the wyrmling’s treasure). Now you can have your shoes repaired for free. Anyway, awards and stuff keep players happy. And keeping players happy has fooled many a party that they have a good DM, so I’m not going to stop trying now.

Well, the group I have been DMing is in mid-Paragon tier. Realizing this, I also found it necessary to make stuff up and to do it quickly. Like my last post, this is a list of extra features granted to certain PCs to further develop their PC’s feel and flavor. The following list is particular to the current party I’m DMing for:

  1. Every one or two sessions, the Warforged Fighter finds an animate construct ally willing to join his cause. Sometimes, several. Many allies are blatant one-dimensional character rip-offs (which is why we can put so many in the story). Starscream is a Mimic that can turn into an airship.
  2. The Tiefling Artificer has an ability simply called “Artifice Knowledge”. He knows just about everything about any famous artificer or scientist. Ever. Some stories of why he knows what he does are more interesting than others. Most reasons are just stupid, I’m sure.
  3. Though the Warlord finds fewer and fewer allies, the ones she does find are more and more powerful. In two of the last major arcs, powerful, heavy-hitting skirmishers class enemies stopped in the middle of Combat Scenes with a something amounting to “hey, I recognize that opal ring!”
  4. The Warlord has also found out that her half-sister is a Karrnathi general. Upon first meeting, her sister commissioned for her new armor and a weapon, similar to her own in style and quality.
  5. The Elven Mage that lost his powers and became a Berserker can now use his Athletics score in place of Arcana. Unbeatable.
  6. Awhile back, the party journeyed to the plane of Thelandira, where the Elven Mage’s family was originally from. They welcomed him back with open arms, celebrating his return, and forcing him to stay in his family’s ridiculously large Elven tower with his beautiful fiancee. The bed was humongous and there was a gigantic flat screen TV with a satellite subscription to just about everything. And a Playstation.
  7. An NPC noblewoman joined the party temporarily. The Ranger is a princess. There was at least one pillow-fight and a sleepover.
  8. What, that’s not a benefit? Uh. Well, two chapters ago, Princess was in charge of a small 200-man army of bloodthirsty, Baphomet-worshipping, rip-and-tear Minotaurs, loyal to her bloodline.
  9. The Dragon Sorcerer is in a love triangle with two of the Knights in Bahamut’s Draconic Court. Three if you include another dragon that’s in love with one of the aforementioned. Four if he’s gay. No wait, five.
  10. Oh, the Dream Mage got his character married. And I promised him I wouldn’t use his wife for character blackmail. That’s a pretty good benefit.

Well, that’s my creativity, summed up for the past few weeks. If you are inspired, good. I’ll write again. Sometime.



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