Jaela Daran is the 11-year old pope of the country of Thrane, circa 998 YK.

The Jaela Daran Fan Club is a catchy title for a D&D 4th edition gaming group that plays in the Eberron Campaign Settting. As club members we are (unofficially) the personal task force and guardian protectors of the pope.

This is my fan club. There are many others like it, but this one is mine.

To date, we are part fan club, part inquisition, part artifact-fetcher, part dragon-slayer, part dwarven, part demon army, part mercenary company, and part time-travelers.


What have I got to offer? Just the typical insight of yet-another DM?

Actually, yeah.

I do a lot of web-reading. I read sourcebooks, I read blogs, I frequent webcomics. I read peoples’ complaints and put them through my own scrutiny. I find ideas and contort them into my own foul machinations. I even steal the way people feel about certain things, if I can get away with it.

All this I apply to the game.

The players come back every week. I must be doing something right.

As a “thank you” to the RPG blogging community, I offer my own experiences and insight, whether they want it or not. They’d do the same for me.



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